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The Welfare of the Nation

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The post "The Welfare of the Nation" by David Rives, first appeared on the Creation Superstore blog on January 28, 2021

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States said that: “A thorough understanding of the Bible is better than a college education.” Roosevelt graduated from Harvard — Magna Cum Laude!

Speaking of America, he said that: “It is necessary for the welfare of the Nation that men’s lives be based on the principles of the Bible. No man, educated or uneducated, can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.”

He also said that it would be literally impossible for us to figure to ourselves what life would be, if the teachings of the Bible were removed.

Roosevelt is not here to witness it, but the Bible is indeed being removed from every aspect of America, and, just as he predicted, the welfare of the Nation is suffering. Political views aside, that’s one thing every Christian can agree with.

A thorough reading and understanding of Scriptures, from the Creation account, through the life of the Messiah, to future prophesies, is key to our freedom, our future, and our life.

The Bible is the instrumental, best-selling guide to a successful eternity.

I’m David Rives… Truly the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

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