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Jump, or Be Jumped

The post, "Jump, or Be Jumped," first appeared on Tony Evans' Kingdom Life Weekly Devotional.

Dear friend,

When you purchase a game of checkers, you’ll notice that on top of each piece is the insignia of a crown. That is because each checker was created to become a king.

A checker is crowned because it has successfully made it to the other side of the board. After that point it will have the right and authority to maneuver and function at a much higher level than it could prior to being crowned. However, the reality is most individual checkers will not successfully make it to the other end of the board to be crowned, because the opposition will jump them and knock them out of the game. Whether a checker achieves its created goal of being crowned as a king is fully determined by the moves made by the hand controlling it.

When God Created men, He created them with a crown because each man was made to rule under the authority of God. However, ever since the first man, Adam, Satan has sought to “jump” men to keep them from fulfilling their kingdom purposes. He goes to great lengths to keep us from functioning in alignment with God so our families, churches, communities, and nation experience the consequences and confusion of men living independently of God. In the Game of life, when it comes to spiritual warfare, you need to go on the offense. You will either need to jump, or you will be jumped by Satan’s attacks.

Every man can be a king. It’s really up to you.

For His kingdom,

For more information, click here: King Me

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