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The Solution to a Spiritual Pandemic

By Tony Evans

The post "The Solution to a Spiritual Pandemic" first appeared on Tony Evans' Kingdom Life Weekly Devotional.

Dear friends,

Right now, we are in the middle of multiple, simultaneous pandemics. In fact, we are facing dual pandemics: a medical pandemic and a cultural pandemic. Yet, deeper still and at the root of both of these, is a spiritual pandemic. We have wandered far from the value system established by God for how human beings are to live, act and relate to one another. Across racial and class lines, we have come up with our own standards for how we treat each other, and it has not done us any good.

The solution starts in understanding how the world works. We gain one of our greatest insights into this through reading 2 Chronicles chapter fifteen. In this passage, we see that when the spiritual principles are placed aside, there is no peace in the culture. In fact, it clearly states in verse six,

“Nation was crushed by nation, and city by city, for God troubled them with every kind of distress” (emphasis added).

The Israelites had so hardened their hearts toward God and rebelled against His righteous rule, that He initiated an ongoing state of distress. Now, if God is your problem, it doesn’t matter what programs you come up with, because only God is your solution.

The root of the problems we face in our nation today are clearly spiritual. It’s only when we identify and understand the spiritual components that we are then able to translate them to the pragmatic realities of the cultural crisis at hand. Sometimes it takes a mess to make a miracle. God has been known to allow chaos for the purposes of creating a heartfelt calling by His people to Him for help. When we appeal to Him according to His kingdom rule, He is then able to re-introduce Himself into the scenario and usher in the healing we so desperately need.

Everyone knows what it’s like to suffer for a long time from stomach pains only to later throw up and feel better relatively quickly. The throwing up is a messy situation, but the reason you feel better afterwards is because you have purged the toxins.

There are a lot of toxins in our culture today. We have toxins of injustice, toxins of racism and toxins of hate. We have a multiplicity of toxins coagulating in the same space at the same time. But if we miss the reality that God has allowed this in order to bring about a correction and a cleaning, then we will just move from one symptom to another symptom. We will miss the opportunity to address the root that has produced the fruit which has led to the confusion of hopelessness on display.

God has spoken on the issues at hand, and He has not stuttered. He has spoken about racism. He has spoken about systemic and individual injustices. He has spoken about classism. He has spoken about culturalism. He has spoken about politics. He has spoken about freedom. He has spoken about equity, elitism, indulgences, empathy and more. God has spoken about all of these subjects. But until we align our hearts, thoughts, words and actions underneath His overarching rule based on what He has said, we are living in rebellion.

What many people do today, unfortunately, is pick and choose what they will obey. As a result, we are experiencing a dearth of kingdom disciples who observe all that He has commanded, not just the parts they like. From God’s throne come both righteousness and justice. These are not see-saw’s to go up and down on. Rather, these are twins who are joined at the hip. You don’t skip justice and call for righteousness. Likewise, you don’t skip righteousness in the name of justice. We are called to a higher calling, that of following the whole counsel of God. Why do we have all of these churches with all of these leaders and all of these believers but still have all of this mess? Because we have failed to bring God’s perspective to bear on the situation. If we are to ever fix this madness and solve this mess—on these issues of injustice, the pain of our shared history and the systems which perpetuate inequity generationally—it will only be due to a right response, collectively as His body, based on God’s Word.

It is absolutely clear right now that there needs to be a reset. This is a defining moment for us as citizens to decide whether we want to be one nation under God or a divided nation apart from God. If we don’t answer that question correctly and if we don’t answer it quickly, we won’t be much of a nation at all.

Thank you for standing with us as a ministry especially in this season as we so desperately need your thoughts, encouragement, prayers and support. We are in this together. I am grateful for you, my brothers and sisters, in Christ.

For His kingdom,

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