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How to Witness from Home! By Jo Hovind

Updated: May 2, 2020

By Jo Hovind on May 1, 2020

While quarantined at home, it is sometimes easy to forget the BIG picture. From the beginning of time, God’s master plan was that He Himself would die sacrificially to redeem the world. We call this the Gospel. As Christians, we are to be the sowers of the Gospel remembering that the POWER of the GOSPEL is not in the SOWER; the POWER is in the SEED.

How can we sow that seed with the blessing of the Holy Spirit? Suppose a man tripped and bumped into you and made you spill your coffee. For most of us, our initial fleshly reaction might be, “Hey watch where you’re going.” But if you looked up and noticed he was wearing sunglasses and carrying a white cane with a red tip, your reaction would suddenly change. No one would get mad at a blind man for bumping into them. Accordingly, the Scripture declares that the lost are blind, they can not see the truth.

We need to treat the lost with kindness, gentleness, meekness, patience, understanding, and love (Galatians 5:22-23). In other words, we need to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit to those around us, even the one who has just “hurt” us. The power of the Holy Spirit speaking through a Christian filled with love and compassion for “the blind” is unstoppable. This same attitude must also direct our fingers as Christian Keyboard Warriors. We must think through the words we type asking if our words speak the truth in love, as commanded in Ephesians 4:14-15.

Idea from Evangelism Pastor, Michael Pallotto of Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, CA

  • Our church is using cards. The drive-through coffee shop windows are still open, and we are seeing God really bless this evangelism outreach. (

  • Third Day Coffee supports the Gospel outreach of Why I Bought Your Coffee. Check them out! Coffee was created on the THIRD DAY and Christ arose on the THIRD DAY. They want people to know about both their creator and their resurrected Savior! (

Ideas from Ray Comfort

  • In any way you can, love on people and show them you care. Everyone expects that you WANT something from them in exchange for your kindness, no matter how small. People are shocked to realize a stranger would express love to them with no expectation of anything in return. It makes them wonder what makes you tick!

  • Don’t let fear cripple you in witnessing for Christ. Be encouraged! We can encourage — put courage into another — by reminding them the Scripture never returns void. It accomplishes its purpose sowing seeds of truth everywhere it is spread. Remember that if God is for us, no one can be against us.

  • Talk to telemarketers! Usually, we are too busy to take time for these “time-wasters.” Instead, regard the call as an opportunity to witness to someone you may never meet in person — even when we are not in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic.

Ideas from Teen, Ethan Spence

Believe it or not, the next generation IS interested in TRUTH! And we as Millennials who possess TRUTH are passionate about giving it out. We are using Social Media for the glory of God. During Covid-19’s Social Distancing, Gen Zs and Millennials are using these platforms to proclaim the joy of the Lord. Then, we need to leave the results to God alone.

  • Facebook

  • YouTube Channel

  • Instagram

Here are some creative ways to grow your witness for Christ from home and to witness from these platforms:

  • Set up your phone and record a video. You don’t have to have a video editor, high quality, or great lighting.

  • Enrich yourself in Scripture and God will speak TO you and THROUGH you! Just let Jesus live His life through you.

  • Lay aside things that don’t matter and invest in eternity.

  • Be ready to endure hardness as a good soldier and count it all joy to suffer persecution, even unto death for the cause of Christ (Acts 5:41).

Ideas from Teen, Stephanie Hovind

What DOES it mean to be a CHRISTIAN? Is Christianity really Legalism? Does being a Christian mean looking down on others and condemning them and rejecting them because of their sin? Or is Christianity really Liberalism? Does being a Christian mean you accept sin as righteousness?

We know that legalism is one of the main reasons so many REJECT Christianity; and liberalism is why much of the church is dead spiritually. Looking to Christ the author and finisher of our faith, we find the answer. Christianity is being a Christ Follower, and Jesus Christ was neither of these. Jesus didn’t reject sinners. He ate with sinners. Yet He did not claim their sin as righteousness. Instead, He lovingly brought them to truth (Matthew 9:10-13). This passage tells us exactly what Christianity looks like. The legalistic person would not have eaten with sinners in the first place. The liberal form of Christianity would not have called the sinners to righteousness. Jesus accepted the sinner while at the same time calling them to righteousness.

  • By simply speaking the truth with confidence and love, you inspire others with your countenance and courage.

  • Start a prayer group with “WhatsApp.”

  • Create comics and other drawings portraying spiritual truths.

  • Fight to meet with God yourself! Pray and ask God to teach you. Read His Word and listen or read devotions prepared by others.

  • Premiere Rush, the Adobe program, is an affordable program that only costs about $10.00 a month and is very simple to use on your phone.

  • Text a friend. This initiates a road to communication. Jesus constantly initiated conversations. Reach out to someone you used to see everyday, but due to the quarantine, you no longer see, and offer to pray for them. Tell them why you care.

More Ideas for Witnessing and Engaging from Home:

  • Schedule a Zoom Meeting, free meetings to engage with others for Bible Studies and Prayer.

  • Use Free Conference Call Programs like Conference Free Anywhere Anytime.

  • Employ the YouVersion Bible App with some of their devotion programs like “Jesus and Covid-19.”

  • Send a card or write a letter to someone.

  • Be the Christian that God has called you to be, and let God use you.

  • Make use of valuable

There is no greater joy than to see your children take theology and turn it into a doxology! We are excited to see three generations offer ideas for witnessing from home! Write us and tell us how YOU are WITNESSING from HOME!

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Ruth Vickrey
Ruth Vickrey
Jan 04, 2022

Dr. Kent Hovind sang the happy birthday song for Jo Hovind today!

God bless and Happy Birthday Jo Hovind!

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