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Am I Being Transformed?

The post "Am I Being Transformed?" originally appeared on Tony Evans' Kingdom Life Weekly Devotional

How do you know when you are truly getting to know God and being transformed by Him? As you get to know God, you should experience a life change. Essentially, the proof that you are getting to know God more intimately and personally is that you are transformed both internally and externally. Thus, if you are not changing, you are not getting to know God. Rather, you have adopted a program, plan, thesis or theory instead of a personal pursuit of Him. Knowing God has nothing to do with how many ministries you serve in, how much money you give, or how many prayers you say. All of those things have their place, but if you are not being transformed as an individual—knowing God is not on the table. How do you know when a child is growing? Because the child is changing. The child starts as a little baby then starts crawling, standing, walking and even running at some point. There is change with growth—visible transformation. Similarly, as you grow in your relationship with the living, holy, all-powerful God, you will also change. As your soul absorbs more of His Spirit into your emotions and actions, you will change. As His thoughts become more prominent in your thoughts, you will change. As His will comes to dominate your will, you will change. For His kingdom,

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