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The Magi's story -- and ours

The post "The Magi's story -- and ours" first appeared on January 2021

The story of the Magi is our story. God has used his supernatural means to draw us unto himself. … On one glorious day, when we were exhausted and wearied in our sin, God led us to gaze upon Jesus just as the Magi did. We see the glory of God manifested through Jesus Christ in the internal work of the Holy Spirit. We see our utter sinfulness and God’s abounding grace offered in the Messiah. We are filled with joy as this grace sinks into our hearts.

We fall down on our knees and confess our need of this Messiah. We worship him and offer up our lives as our greatest offering to him. Then we continue on in our lives, carrying the truth about the Messiah.

—Travis Cunningham,

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