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A Meaningful Month

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Consumerism can prevent us from noticing needs, writes Walter Brueggemann (The Prophetic Imagination). A culture steeped in materialism and greed can “block out the cries of the denied ones … so that no one discerns misery alive in the heart of God.” In November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christ the King Sunday and the start of Advent. What does it mean that Christ is our King? How can we truly give God thanks and prepare for Jesus’ coming? It’s a good time to ponder what hurts God’s heart — and how we can help. If someone is lonely, perhaps we can invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. If we sense inequality saddening God, we might advocate for fair policies. If God is in pain because some of his children have too little, we can share our resources.

In so doing, we welcome Christ the King among us, and give him meaningful thanks.

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